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Stop With THE Attitude, Please.

I have little (to non-existent) tolerance for the continuous “oh, poor me” attitude of people who constantly complain about life. Of course, we all have ‘those days’, even weeks of personal episodes, and we’re allowed to wallow in self-pity every now and then. But if this attitude becomes a way of life, for the love of God, STOP. Regardless of the unseemly insurmountable obstacles in your life, you are NOT unfairly picked on by THE universe. There’s no ME and ME against the WORLD because most of the circumstances in your life are products of your own choices. You CHOOSE your partner, your friends, your job, your hobbies, your good and bad decisions. And for those instances when life gives you absolutely no choice, you can STILL choose the kind of attitude that will help you kick life’s ass.

And by the way, if everyone around you treats you with indifference, maybe it’s high time to look closely in the mirror.



LOVE and LIGHT to all! X